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AA Berlin 2015 Building Laboratory


Venue: University of the Arts – UdK Berlin



AA Berlin is an applied research and building laboratory of the AA located at the University of the Arts in Berlin. For several consecutive years, the programme has documented the changing landscape of Berlin and its relation to the experiment of identifying Berlin’s special status as a ‘heterotopia’ or counter-site. Building on the city’s tradition of experimental construction, we set up the ‘Building Laboratory’.

In 2014, we constructed a large-scale 1:1 prototype from ordinary cardboard in the gallery of the University of the Arts through a collaborative and open-ended building process.

In 2015 we will continue to look at aggregated, rule-based structures, with the aim of constructing a large-scale physical intervention on the school campus.

We will collaborate with Norbert Palz (http://www.arch.udk-berlin.de/palz/index.php), professor in Digital and Experimental Design at the University of the Arts Berlin, one of Germany’s leading art schools.
The workshop will be led by AA and Berlin-based tutors and hosted by the University of the Arts Berlin. A public programme of lectures and seminars with speakers from architecture and art will provide an extended stage for a debate on experimental design / construction.

The course is directed by Marianne Mueller and Olaf Kneer, AA Graduates, fomer unit masters and research cluster curators. Olaf and Marianne are directors of Casper Mueller Kneer Architects based in London and Berlin.(www.caspermuellerkneer.com).  Recent projects include the galleries for White Cube in Bermondsey, London and commissions for the Wellcome Trust and fashion house Celine in Paris.