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Time Table

AAVS Berlin 2016 – Building Laboratory – Paperspace



Preliminary Timetable


Thursday 18.8.2016

Arrive in Berlin


Friday 19.08.

10:30: Coffee/Registrations

11:00: Introduction to the University of the Arts Berlin: Norbert Palz

11:15: Introduction to the Visiting School Programme: Marianne Mueller & Olaf Kneer

11:45: Unit Brief Introduction: Christoph Zeller

12:30: Lunch

13:30: Students present themselves (5 minutes/3 slides)

15:00: Formation of work groups (4-5 students per group)

15:30: Lecture tbc

16:30: Berlin Modernism survey tour 1 (all students with tutors)


Saturday 20.08.

11.00: Lecture: Introduction to techniques, tbc

12:00: Lecture tbc

14:00: Berlin Modernism survey tour 2 (workshop groups individually)

18:00-20:00: Workshop groups prepare themes for presentation on 21.08.

20:00: Drinks


Sunday 21.08.

10:00-13:00: Presentation of Berlin Modernism surveys by workshop groups, discussion with invited guests tbc

14:00-18:00: Experimentation by workshop groups / Tutorials

20:30: ‘film’ tbc screening in UdK ruin garden


Monday 22.08.

10:00-18:00: Experimentation by workshop groups / Tutorials


Tuesday 23.08.

10:00-18:00: Prefabrication of modules

18:00: lecture: Albert Weis (artist)


Wednesday 24.08.

10:00-18:00: Prefabrication of modules


Thursday 25.08.

10:00-18:00: Construction with modules

18:00: Gallery opening tbc


Friday 26.08.

10:00-18:00: Construction with modules


Saturday 27.08.

12:00–15:00: Final touch-up on Construction with modules

15:00: Collective testing of built structures & debate with invited guests at UdK gallery

J Mayer H (architect), Muck Petzet (architect, curator), Arndt Schlaudraff (architect, lego-tonic project), Erica Overmeer (artist), Albert Weis (artist), Norbert Palz (UdK)

17:00: drinks in UdK garden & AA certificate handover


Sunday 28.08.








CZ / 26.04.2016


2015  timetable


All events take place at: UdK, University of the Arts Berlin, Hardenbergstrasse 33, 10623 Berlin, Germany


Thursday 6.8.

Arrive in Berlin


Friday 7.8.

10:30: Coffee/Registrations

please meet at the cafe, 3rd floor,  UdK, University of the Arts Berlin, Hardenbergstrasse 33, 10623 Berlin, Germany

11:00: Introductions

Prof. Marianne Mueller & Olaf Kneer, AA Berlin directors

Unit Brief Introduction: Prof. Ulrich Blum, Marianne Mueller and Olaf Kneer

13:00: Student Pecha Kucha, Presentation of work by each student

(1 minute / 3 slides)

13.45: Discussion with students & tutors: Analysis / Objects / Rules

18.30: drinks at Aedes Architecture Gallery Berlin, exhibition opening Snohetta Architects,  http://www.aedes-arc.de/sixcms/detail.php?template=det_aedes_ausstellung_artikel_2007&id=15706541&aktuell=1&menu_id=1


Saturday 8.8.

10.00: work in workshop groups, group tutorials, set up construction site

14.00: Input Techniques: Ulrich Blum


Sunday 9.8.

10.00: work in workshop groups

14.30: Input Techniques: lecture Valentin Bontjes van Beek, Unit Master Architectural Association

Monday 10.8.

10:00: input lecture Mirek Classen

11:00: Work in workshop groups / Tutorials

16.30: Building visit Collection Boros, guided tour by Jens Casper, Casper Mueller Kneer


Tuesday 11.8.

10:00: Work in workshop groups

12:00: Interim Presentation with invited guests:

Sven Pfeiffer (architect TU Berlin), Luise Rellensmann (writer uncube magazine http://www.uncubemagazine.com/sixcms/detail.php?id=7343073), Jens Casper, and others

19.00: Clärchens Ballsaal Mitte, drinks and dinner http://www.ballhaus.de


Wednesday 12.8.

10:00: Visit to Berlinische Gallerie Radikal Modern exhibition

13.00: work in workshop groups


Thursday 13.8.

10:00: Work in workshop groups / Tutorials with Chris Pierce tbc.

15:00: Visit Bauhaus Archive Helen Binet exhibition


Friday 14.8.

10:00: Work in workshop groups / Tutorials


Saturday 15.8.

10.00: work in workshop groups

15.00: Final Presentation with invited guests, Liss C Werner (DIA Dessau/Tactile Architecture) http://lisscwerner.com/about/, Kazu Hanada Professor at MSA Münster, Jens Casper (Casper Mueller Kneer), , Chris Pierce AA Visiting School director, and others

19.00: drinks and party


Sunday 16.8.

10.00: Departure